I frequently get the question—“What new business??!”—and then I begin to explain. Halfway through this explanation of how, what, where, and when, I see big eyes and confused looks on everyone’s faces—and then the “OHHHH”!!! 

Yes. We are going to be cremating pets. Someone has to do it. Why not us? Everyone seems to be a little puzzled about the thought of such a business and process. But, when the day comes that they have to make that phone call because their beloved family pet has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, it becomes clearer why this matters to people grieving their losses.

I get it. Growing up we buried all of our animals. It wasn’t until I met my husband did I realize people even did pet cremation. But, think of this: Wouldn’t you want your pets ashes spread over the yard or fields where he or she use to play? Or to keep and treasure the lovingly secured remembrance of that sweet kitty or pup in your home. However you choose to allow us to serve you, we would love to help you. That’s why we are here.